66 Days to the Tax Return Submission Deadline!

66 Days to the Tax Return Submission Deadline!

Has your 2012/13 tax return been completed and submitted to H M Revenue & Customs?

The deadline for online tax return submission for this year is 31 January 2014.? This is also the due date for any balancing payment of tax due for the year 2012/13 and the 1st Payment on Account towards 2013/14.

Do you know how much you have to pay on 31 January 2014?

Make sure that you know your tax position well before this deadline ? send in any information required to complete your tax return now.? If you want to read more about how we help reduce your tax, click here.

Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that your tax return will be completed on time if we don’t get your tax return information early, but either way, get in touch with us now!

Talk to the Tax Return Team

If you want to make sure everything is on track, ring us on the main number 0141 643 9200 and ask for Drew or Liam.

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