Why do we need another data protection act?

Why do we need another data protection act?

There’s so much regulation surrounding business operations that you can be forgiven for asking why Britain needs yet another layer of data protection law in the form of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

One of our clients, Commissum, describes the massive changes that have taken place since the introduction of the current Data Protection Act in 1998. For example,

  • In 1998 less than 10% of UK households had an Internet connection.
  • Google didn’t exist.

Facebook and LinkedIn hadn’t made their appearance on the data collections scene.

It is worth visiting the Commissum web site to read their informative Blog post, GDPR vs DPA – How Europe’s New Data Protection Regime is Miles Ahead of Anything We’ve Seen Before

Your business must comply with GDPR. Please take advice and make the changes necessary, sooner rather than later.

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