HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ad+ Chartered Accountants

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ad+ Chartered Accountants


30 years young and just getting started


Fundamental principles are our priority:-

  • Positive results on a daily basis drive business performance.
  • Cash and profits are the daily scorecard of activity.

By maintaining this focus, ad+ Chartered Accountants helps ambitious business owners to transform the results of their business.

Right now, as we celebrate 30 years in business, we are determined to ensure our ambitious clients are amongst the 9% who will emerge from the COVID crisis in better shape than they were at the start.

It’s a really exciting time to be leading ad+. Our team is technically excellent, super-sharp on data and technology, and committed to delivering really our brand promise.

Our clients’ goals are right at the heart of our brand promise. They are the starting point for all our conversations and represent the True North of our advice compass.

ad+ seeks smart technical and innovative solutions for all our clients in pursuit of their goals. We show them how to make more profit, pay less tax, and accumulate more wealth in a secure manner. We employ a combination of technical knowledge and determination to design the best solution for each and every client.

We are very aware of HMRC’s attention on tax planning. That is why we design tax saving solutions that are legal, sensible, and can be defended if challenged.

ad+ embraces software and system innovation. This was demonstrated during lockdown by the fact that we met all deadlines for delivery of client accounts, VAT, payroll, tax, and Companies House filings whilst all the ad+ team worked from home.

Starting about six years ago, ad+ began investing time and money to move to the then new generation of cloud-based software. Since then we have become a Gold Partner for Xero, the leading cloud-based accounting software. Alongside that investment, we sought out and invested in additional cloud-based software which could integrate seamlessly together to give us a high degree of automation. Our modern business model allows us to deliver information and advice to clients anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Looking forward, I am very confident and excited about ad+ Chartered Accountants. I saw the way we performed flawlessly during lockdown: meeting all client expectations, whilst continuing to attract new clients and add new team members. Recently, many more business owners have been convinced about the value of accurate up-to-date financial information supported by our expert insight.

Michael Donnelly, CA. 

Managing Director.


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