Increase of automatic enrolment contributions

Many employees and employers need to prepare for a significant increase the cost of automatic enrolment minimum pension contributions. For example, based upon the Average Weekly Earnings, seasonally adjusted, for a private sector worker (£503 pw as of July 2017), the employee’s minimum monthly contribution will increase by £33.80 per month, and the minimum employer’s increase will be £16.90 per […]

How to prevent your family wealth being squandered

How many times have you seen family wealth squandered? Lavish lifestyles, unwise investments, and naive business decisions quickly burn through inherited family wealth.

You know that it usually takes a lifetime of hard work, long hours, risks, and sacrifices to build up a family business and worthwhile levels of family wealth. So how will you prevent your business and family wealth […]

Let us deal with HMRC while you concentrate on other things.

If you receive dividend income of more than £5,000 are liable to income tax on the excess. You must include that information on your self-assessment tax return.

If you have not submitted a tax return in previous years, you must now register with HMRC and submit a return. The registration process involves a couple of steps, and is likely to take […]

Tax Changes – affecting buy-to-let residential properties

Begin with the end in mind

It is always essential to keep a clear head and remain focussed on your goals before considering any new challenge or possible opportunity. Property market conditions, tax and legal changes, should all be assessed in relation to their impact on your priorities.

For example, if your priority is long-term capital accumulation, focus on which market development […]

Want to improve the financial stability of your business?

Improve cash management.

Debtors and creditors contain the most important source of cash-flow for businesses operating within B2B Sectors. Improve your management of the debtor-credit balance and you improve the cash position of your business.

Forecast anticipated cash-flow.
Measure actual cash-flow.
Take action based upon variations between forecast and actual.

If you are new to forecasting, or are very short of time, […]

Time to sell? Time to optimize.

It takes a long time to build a valuable business. Usually, there will have been many financial risks and personal sacrifices made by you and your family. So it’s understandable that at some point you may want to sell the business to release the capital and secure your financial future.

During the past 26 years, we’ve helped many Scottish business owners […]

What’s the best way to meet the obligations of running a company?

As you know, there is so much to be done to keep the company running, but there is never enough time. It’s easy to forget about one or more of the multitude of director and company reporting obligations.

How will you, or anyone within your team, find the time study the regulations to keep up-to-date with the ever-expanding requirements? There is […]

HMRC make it more difficult to reimburse personal expenses to drivers

The RHA recently commented on the difficulties it faced when negotiating with HMRC over the random checking process now required in support of tax-free payments made to drivers to cover personal expenses incurred for overnight stays. The payment is designed to cover basic expenses during an overnight stay, such as evening meal, breakfast, washing facilities and upkeep of bedding in […]

Why do we need another data protection act?

There’s so much regulation surrounding business operations that you can be forgiven for asking why Britain needs yet another layer of data protection law in the form of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

One of our clients, Commissum, describes the massive changes that have taken place since the introduction of the current Data Protection Act in 1998. For example,


What would make the biggest positive impact on your business?

“If I could only complete one thing today, which one would have the biggest positive impact on my business?” Don’t ignore this question because it looks familiar. Some business owners achieve outstanding results by applying daily targeting and personal discipline.

Start every day by answering that question, and then complete that “one thing”.

If you are determined to achieve something worthwhile for […]