Generate Profitable Sales

Generate Profitable Sales

Learn how to negotiate and deliver new orders that remain profitable for your business.

There is a clear need for advice on winning profitable sales orders. For example, Scotland's Top 500 companies have shown a decline in pre-tax profits for four consecutive years (measured as the aggregate value of all companies, excluding HBOS and RBS, up to 31st Dec 2015). Source: Scottish Business Insider magazine.

The knock-on effects of this disappointing result are being felt by local businesses. Big customers are demanding lower prices, longer credit terms, and continue to off-shore many production orders.2016 is predicted to remain very challenging because of slow growth and tight margins in most international markets. That international pressure will add further challenges to those local companies who are trying to increase their exports.

ad+ decided to help local business owners by sharing practical advice which will help them to negotiate profitable new contracts and then ensure those contracts remain profitable during fulfilment. You can catch up on the advice shared by downloading a copy of the presentations.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore how your business could benefit.

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