wealth preservation

Integrated Advice to Preserve Your Wealth

Wealth Preservation is a complex area and requires professional financial advice. The structures into which you transfer your assets can have lasting consequences for you and your family. We can help you choose structures and trusts designed to protect your assets and give your family lasting benefits.

Although we have tried to simplify the principles in this guide by looking at […]

It’s Time to Calculate Your Inheritance Tax Bill

Inheritance tax ‘Nil Rate Band’ and rates
Inheritance Tax is charged at the following rate on death:

Inheritance Tax

Current tax year

Taxable value of your estate above which it is charged


Rate at which it is charged


* Inheritance Tax threshold frozen (until 5 April 2018)

We can help you evaluate the size of your estate—which could include assets such as property, pensions, shares and personal […]

Wealth Preservation: Protecting your estate for future generations

Nothing is certain but death and taxes.
During the next few weeks will consider a number of different strategies to help you protect and preserve your estate for you and your loved ones.

Benjamin Franklin once said that ‘nothing is certain but death and taxes’. This means that in the event that something happens, you and your loved ones can focus on […]