William Edward Success Story


AD+ has supported Scott Boyd to make profit with his business Boyd's Motoring Engineers. Having a second business William Edwards Bathrooms, AD+ is helping to set the right foundation's to make the business a success.
Business Strategy

AD+ set goals and ensured progress was reviewed. Setting up action points that were important to the business and gave it focus.

Looking carefully at actual hours spent on jobs, not just the recorded hours. We found out that we were writing off hours, even when we did a good job because the hours were not recorded accurately on-site. Setting prices at a realistic level - that meant increasing our prices because we were too cheap for the high quality job we deliver.

Accounting Software

AD+ recommended we use new accounting software, and they provided training to get us using it properly. This has been a good move as we can save on bookkeeping, link to the business on-line bank account, and I am now confident I know where I am with money within the business.

Scott's Comments:
"I own two businesses. This is the first time in 8 years that we will make a profit in Boyd's Motor Engineers. That's down to the advice I received from ad+ Chartered Accountants. My other business is William Edward Bathrooms, which is new, and ad+ is helping me to get that running properly."Scott Boyd

What about you and your business?