Beat the Recession

Accelerate the process of getting money to grow your business, or improve the terms of existing finance.

Event Summary

Our ‘Beat the recession and get an extra £2 million’ event was created to help you recover from the recession.
Recovery may be under way, but making a decent profit is still difficult for most business owners. We’ve experienced the worst recession for 60 years. Every day we hear stories of people in our area losing their businesses, losing their financial security, and losing their pride as a result of the prolonged downturn.

The event was crafted for those who need help to come out of this recession. We are determined to make sure that none of our clients or contacts lose everything in that way. In fact, we don’t want you to lose anything at all. At this event, we covered:

  • Understanding the size and nature of the threat facing your business
  • How to identify where you are weak compared to others in your industry
  • Avoiding the trap of decimating your margins and cashflow by cutting your prices
  • Strengthening your cashflow sustainably by generating more and more profitable sales
  • Strengthening your cashflow even further by making sure you get paid in full, on time, every time
  • Improving your efficiency and reducing your costs
  • Squeezing every last ounce of concession, relief, benefit and breathing space from the tax system
  • Keeping your finger firmly on the pulse of the key numbers in your business so that you can control costs, make better decisions and take corrective action before it is too late
  • Using all these insights to calculate the potential of your business, and turn that potential into profit and cash

Event Speakers

Steve Pipe FCA Steve is the most highly recommended accountant in the world, and one of the Top 3 business speakers in the UK (based on LinkedIn rankings showing that he has more recommendations than any of the other 1.6 million accountants and, and only two UK speakers have more recommendations than he does).

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