Growing Rapidly

Growing RapidlyTo grow your idea into a successful and profitable business takes dedication and effort, so we work as hard as our clients to ensure your goals are realised. If you have high growth aspirations and are dedicated to making them a reality, then we can help you.

We work with incredible business owners

At ad+ we have been fortunate to work with some incredible individuals. These individuals are characterised by the same traits: hardworking, dedicated and visionary. They want to grow significant businesses and they know that to succeed they need to work with the right partners. To grow your business to a place of great profit (whether from an idea or from where it is now), you need to know your accountants are working as hard as you are - and we do that. If you have high growth aspirations, we can help you.

Meet Your Goals

Your future depends upon how well you meet your goals. Day to day pressures can easily distract you, knock you off course, and even cause you lose sight of your goals. However, you can achieve more, much more, with the ad+ Strategy Implementation Process

Managing Your Finances

Growing at top speed means that accurate financial forecasting and cash flow management is more important than ever. Your fast-growing business has probably become complex very quickly, and this is compounded if you're not paying close attention to the right numbers all the time. We're not just interested in keeping score. Yes, we do that well, but it's more than that: where we excel and what you really need is a team who 'gets' you and your numbers so you can grow faster than ever.

Outcome Focused Accountancy

Sharpen responsiveness and boost the performance of your business with the help of the ad+ Outcome Focused Accounting Solutions.

Raising Capital

Capital is the key to starting any business but it's especially important for those looking for significant accelerated growth. We help our clients access the most appropriate capital source and help structure a deal which supports their growth ambitions in terms of investment amount, equity split and payment schedules. We can also help business owners prepare their new business for investment as well as accessing grant funding and other business specific funding without equity dilution.

Getting Grants

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, and you have developed an innovative product or process, then your business might qualify for extensive support as part of the High Growth initiatives operated by Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise. We have helped many ambitious entrepreneurs secure grants, and then guided them as they have grown their businesses.

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