Ambitious Clients

Ambitious ClientsOur clients are passionately interested in using the skills and talents they have. Wealth is a nice by-product.

We work with ambitious people.

Ambition is even more powerful than wealth.

Our question to you is, If you lost it all, could you start again?

At AD+, we believe that unique gifts and talents are given to every person on the planet. How and where you use them is up to you. Success is not dependent on money, just as cash does not guarantee happiness.


Wealth is a by-product.

We consider wealth to be a by-product of living your life the way you were meant to. As the saying goes, “Money is not that particular about who’s got it.”

Our passion is helping our clients achieve their goals, make more profit, pay less tax and accumulate more wealth. We are business owners and entrepreneurs first, so we understand the challenging world you live in and what your aspirations are.

We are experts in high value investments and assurances as well as creating highly effective tax strategies that minimise our clients’ liability. Our service is bespoke to each of our clients and based on their personal and business objectives as well as the nuance of their existing asset portfolio. This highly tailored and personal service means you get the most accurate and relevant information on which to form your decisions.

We are also able to help you make those decisions. Our personable team will give you straight talking recommendations, advisory and consulting so you have relevant expert input throughout your entire relationship with us.

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