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You know the important needs of your business. But it's also important to understand where you may need help.

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Do you need extra help to complete bookkeeping and bank reconciliations?

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Do you want accurate accounts delivered to you sooner?

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Would you like to meet regularly to review your business targets, actual results and decide on changes needed to keep on track?

Because your business is unique, take a few moments, now, to hand-pick the accountancy and tax advice you want to include in your ad+ cloud-based accounting solution.

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Here are 10 ways to hand-pick your accountancy services:


1. Xero Accounting Software

Free 30 Day Trial of Xero Online Accounting

Free Xero Trial

2. Bookkeeping

Revolutionise your bookkeeping.

  • We review and update your systems and processes.
  • Pull all your bookkeeping data straight into Xero.
  • Get faster and more accurate bookkeeping than ever before.

3. Management Accounts

Great management information is vital.

  • Preparation of tailor-made management accounts.
  • Preparation and submission of VAT quarterly returns.
  • Quarterly review meeting (by Skype, if more convenient).

4. Annual Accounts

Annual accounts are a statutory requirement.

  • Preparation of your statutory year-end accounts.
  • A review of your tax position and tax planning.
  • Review meeting (by Skype, if more convenient).

5. Corporation Tax Return

Hassle-free corporation tax.

  • Gathering the relevant financial information and paperwork.
  • Completing your Companies House return.
  • Providing guidance on strategies to minimise your tax spend.

6. Personal Tax Return

Get your personal tax affairs in order too.

  • Completion of your personal tax return and submitting to HMRC.
  • Completion of your P11d form re benefits and expenses.
  • Advice on minimising your personal tax costs.

7. Float Cash Flow Software

Get a better view of your cash flow.

  • Finally understand how much cash is coming in and out of the business.
  • Gain confidence, control and clarity of your business finances.
  • Cash flow forecast created in minutes.

8. Deal Direct With HMRC

Annual accounts are a statutory requirement.

  • Direct dealings with HMRC.
  • You're covered via IRPC fee insurance.
  • Remove the hassle from your interaction with HMRC.


A dedicated ad+ team to advise you

  • A tailored service from a team that knows your business.
  • A tax adviser, accountant and business coach.


When you appoint ad+ we provide a simple, no-hassle switching service.

  • No problems moving from your previous business adviser.
  • Easy transfer of files, data and historical information.


Our core values are the soul, passion, and lifeblood of our business.

  • We’re outcome-focused.
  • Help you to lay the foundations of a well-run, financially sound, business.
  • Create the systems and processes that define every important aspect of your operations.

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