Event Resources

Event Resources

Welcome to our Event Resources page. Here you will get access to all of the videos, downloads and documents from each of the events that we run. Click on any of the topics below and you'll be taken to the relevant page where all of the resources are kept.

Radical Solutions to boost business results

Change really is the only constant in business today and so the role of any business leader is to develop their ability to ride those waves of change so that they can be in the best shape to support their teams to thrive and not just survive.

Radical Solutions

Growth, Grants and Finance

Learn how you can gain access to the funding that is being provided to businesses throughout the UK.

Growth, Grants and Finance

Generate Profitable Sales

Learn how to negotiate and deliver new orders that remain profitable for your business.

Generate Profitable Sales

Understanding Finance For the Business Owner

AD+ clear concise help to business owners to make better decisions by understanding the essential aspects of accounts and finance.

Understanding Finance

Auto Enrolment

Designed to show you how to integrate the new Pension legislation within your business, offering a complete solution while you focus on running your company.

Auto Enrolment Resources

Business Breakthrough

If you're an ambitious business owner who is ready to take your company to the next level then Business Breakthrough will guide you through.

Business Breakthrough Resources

Win More Work

Outlining the training and support available to help you become more effective when working with the Public Sector.

Win More Work Resources

Beat the Recession

The event was crafted for those who need help to come out of this recession. We are determined to make sure that none of our clients or contacts lose everything in that way. In fact, we don’t want you to lose anything at all.

Beat the Recession Resources

21st Century Accounting

Catapult your business forward using 21st Century Accounting systems and practices.In today’s highly competitive market, you must have access to up-to-date financial information when you need it, on whatever device you chose to use.

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Innovate for Profit

New services and products are essential. They lead to more sales from existing customers, winning new customers, and entry to new sectors and new markets. Innovation is crucial to increasing profit. We have some resources to help you and your company innovate!

Innovate for Profit Resources

Meet the Money

Trying to expand your product or service line? Invest in your business? Fund training or purchases? We've got some great information about everything from crowd funding to grant resources to venture capital.

Meet The Money Resources

Succession Planning

What are you going to do with your business? Who are you going to hand it on to? Are you going to sell it? There are lots of questions about succession planning and we've got some resources to help you plan for the future.

Succession Planning Resources

High Growth Companies

It probably goes without saying that most people want to have a high growth company. How do you get there? How do you assess your growth? We have resources coming your way very soon to answer those questions.

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During this seminar we will outline the training and support that is available to help you become more effective at the tender writing, and so increase your chances of winning more work from the Public Sector.

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Protecting and Directing your Personal Wealth

It’s been such a challenge to build a business and accumulate personal wealth during the past few years that it is essential to protect those assets. It is equally important to ensure your business, your home, and your investments all go to the people that you want to benefit.

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Growth Grants and Bank Finance

It is important to note that financial assistance from local authorities, banks and independent lenders is just one of a suite of ‘support tools’ at available to business owners to assist company growth and sustainability (particularly during the current challenging economic conditions).

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Luxury Watch evening

You will learn about the brands, their history, the wide range of watches available within each luxury range.Men's and women's luxury watches will be included in the display and presentation.

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Market-Leading Financial Performance

ad+ have highlighted that this long drawn-out recession actually presents an excellent time for you to increase your market share by creating a template for action, which will boost the rate of growth and increase profitability within your business.

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Breakthrough Results

ad+ is renowned for hard-headed practical advice, and so you know you will receive genuine business learning from our master-class. This approach works. Apply our advice and you’ll see the improvements.

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Tax Saving Strategies

The event applied to those of you who need to reduce the amount of tax paid. A range of tax saving strategies were outlined to reduce the amount of tax paid by successful businesses, high-earning individuals, and asset-rich families and trusts.

Tax Saving Strategies Resources

Company cars and smart tax planning

Heavy tax charges and growing demands for climate change have resulted in many business owners switching to low emission cars. The tax savings available are significant if you make the correct choice of vehicle..

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Profit Improvement

Making money in publishing is rare. A best-seller is usually followed by an expensive flop. Scott Simpson experienced many business challenges during his time in publishing, but he managed to find a way to turn things around and eventually produced significant success.

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Profit Improvement Business Club

During his presentation Johnathan will explain how he made his business so attractive to potential purchasers by concentrating upon making his business a profitable and well managed organization. Johnathan will share many practical business lessons which can be applied to enhance your own company performance.

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Making Tax Digital

ad+ talked about what your business must change in order to comply with the new HMRC Making Tax Digital requirements.

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Buy-to-let Investments

ad+ have highlighted the major changes that have affected property investment, especially residential buy-to-let investments.

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Sales & Profitability

ad+ teamed up with Klozers to share the best practice on selling and profitability.

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ad+ describe their proven process for producing results within businesses.

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ad+ presented on behalf of Lanarkshire Business Hub during their networking breakfast.


ad+ presented on behalf of the Royal Bank of Scotland during their Boost Your Business networking event.


ad+ presented on behalf of hub South West as part of their Business Growth Club. The presentation introduced some of the factors that determine the price you will receive when you sell your business.


ad+ presented this topic on behalf of hub South West as part of their hub Club networking programme. The presentation included comments about crowdfunding as a source of the additional finance, and Special Purpose Vehicles as a business structure to contain risk and management, within property developments.

Tax Planning

Learn how to reduce the amount you lose to tax. We described a range of legal tax saving opportunities in this seminar for business owners.

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