Radical Solutions to boost business results

Radical Solutions to boost business results

Something very big is happening at many businesses, and it is has having a major impact on them. ad+ is seeking to shed some light on the issues and offer practical solutions.

The first big issue is work related stress, and its impact on individual employees and the business as a whole. HSE estimate that 9.9 million working days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression in Great Britain during 2014/15. In addition to every affected employee, there was also a family in the background trying to cope with the personal impact of work related stress.

The second big issue is the decreasing lifespan of businesses. It has been estimated recently that public companies are shrinking six times faster than they were 40 years ago.
Many factors are contributing to the upheaval, including the surge in power and expectation of the buyer, and the transition to knowledge workers and the evolution of how they want to be managed.

Every individual employee sits right at the heart of these challenges and the possible solutions. For example, stress must be reduced, and creativity must be increased. A healthy and confident team will be more productive, originate more creative solutions, and will be more open and friendly when dealing with customers. In recent years, workers have rejected old-fashioned management practices: most workers want managers to create an environment which allows them to flourish, excel at serving customers, and contribute to an inspiring and environmentally worthwhile corporate purpose.

Change really is the only constant in business today and so the role of any business leader is to develop their ability to ride those waves of change so that they can be in the best shape to support their teams to thrive and not just survive. Susan Grandfield, from SG Development Solutions, works with organisations and business leaders to help them press pause, become aware of what is going on in their environment and focus their energy and attention on developing a resilient organisation.

ad+ Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors have designed a highly-effective management process which boosts business results by identifying the one thing that really matters to you and your business, and by providing an implementation process to keep your whole team on track. This process can also cut business complexity and employee workload by constantly re-examining which issues are truly pivotal to the customer experience, and so the long-term success of the business and its team.

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Author: David Charles.

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