Protecting Your Wealth

You have worked hard to get where you are in life, protecting that value for you and your family is vital. Protecting your wealth by effectively managing your assets and reducing your liabilities helps guarantee the lifestyle that you want and the future you desire.

The expert team at AD+ can help you maximise each aspect of your portfolio

Personal Tax Planning

We specialise in helping high net worth individuals minimise their personal tax liability. Keeping more money in your pocket and allowing you to effectively liquidate value from your assets at a tax rate that you are comfortable with.

Investment Management *

With a large and diverse investment portfolio it can be easy to overlook opportunities or to simply not get as strong a return as you may wish. Bespoke to your personal objectives and investment portfolio, our experts can help ensure you are achieving the optimum returns at a risk profile that you are comfortable with.

* This aspect of our advice will be provided by our sister company ad+ Financial.

Trusts and Assets Ring Fencing *

As your asset portfolio grows, structuring and organising it in a tax efficient and flexible way will help ensure that your wealth is protected for you, your family and your future. Allowing you to maintain the lifestyle you have created and guaranteeing that your younger family members benefit at a time most suitable to them.

* Some aspects of this advice may be provided by our sister company ad+ Financial.

Liability Reduced

When growing your asset portfolio, you will be required to comply with numerous and often complex legislation and regulation. To avoid this headache and to guarantee peace of mind, our team of experts will ensure that both your personal and corporate tax and legislative liabilities are complete and accurate.

Growth Consultancy

As business owners and entrepreneurs we know the key elements that drive business growth. When you have businesses amongst your asset portfolio maximising the director value return as well as ensuring continued scalability can often be a delicate balance. We work with business owners to ensure that both business continuity and owner value is driven out proportionately for on-going asset value.

Exit and Succession Management

Leaving the business that you have grown can be a wrench, both for you and the business itself. However, maximising your personal benefit upon exit and ensuring your legacy remains successful and intact takes time and effort to craft. Our team will work with you to ensure that you can leave your business when and how you want, while also helping to prepare the business for successful operation after your departure.

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