Exiting Your Business

There comes a time when you need to exit your business and dependent on your own objectives and those you have for the business, as well as its complexity, all affects how much value you take and how long the process lasts. We help our clients meet their personal objectives, whether exiting with as much liquidity as possible or leaving significant value in the business so it can continue to trade and grow as part of an inheritance legacy.

Exit Strategy Planning

Leaving a business that you are an integral part of is difficult. Planning your exit in plenty of time offers you peace of mind and also allows you to make realistic plans about the sort of financial benefit you can expect to see when you do leave. Our bespoke tax mitigation and pension planning will help ensure that you get the greatest possible value when you do decide to leave your business.

Employee Ownership Trusts were introduced by the Government in 2014, and are a tax-efficient way to exist in certain circumstances.

Planning for Retirement *

Changing the dynamic of your asset portfolio with a view to retirement and cash extraction can be a challenge especially if your portfolio contains your business. We can help you re-structure your existing portfolio so that it reflects your longer term goals and allows you to plan your retirement effectively while minimising your personal tax liability and the cash drain on your business.

* This aspect of our advice will be provided by our sister company ad+ Financial.

Tax Mitigation

We are specialists in minimising the tax liability of our clients. When leaving a business and liquidating your assets you don’t want to see the value you spent your life creating being lost via capital gains or inheritance tax. Our specialists can advise on tax mitigation structures that ensure the value you have built is passed to your loved ones and not taken away.

Cash Extraction

Maximising the cash you exit your business with becomes more important when you are planning to leave your business. Our specialists help ensure that you maximise the liquidity you can take from your business while minimising your tax liability.

Succession Management

Your business legacy is valuable not just as an asset but also as an employer and a contributor to the local community. We can help you ensure that your business continues successfully after you leave and that your senior leadership team are equipped to take over your business and continue to make it thrive when you leave.

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