Celebrating 30 years of forward thinking client service, & innovation





Celebrating 30 years of forward thinking client service, & innovation

We’re an outcome-focused Glasgow accountant firm. This means that when you work with us, you get what you want out of life and business. Guaranteed

During the past 30 years, ad+ has helped many business owners throughout Glasgow and Lanarkshire improve the performance of their business by providing accurate accounts and analysis very quickly after each quarter or year end. Then we ensure every business owner fully understands the meaning behind all those numbers and what actions need to be taken to keep moving towards the agreed business and personal goals. As tax specialists, ad+ has helped many entrepreneurs to save tax, both business and personal. We also help to preserve family wealth as it pass down the generations with sensible tax planning advice.

Our payroll bureau takes care of all the PAYE and Auto Enrolment duties on your behalf to ensure your employees are paid the correct amount, on time, every time. No one wants nasty surprises from HMRC, especially not your employees.

Although the ad+ team has advised business owners in many sectors the common strand running throughout the client base is ambition and a desire to improve. ad+ helps clients fulfil their ambitions via a regular series of goals setting, planning, and implementation review discussions.

Whether your business operates in construction, recruitment, hospitality, or retail ad+ welcomes the opportunity to help you improve your business results and thereby achieve high goals you have for yourself and your family.

Your Wealth

Growing Rapidly

Raising Capital

securing vital capital

Managing Finances

cash flow management

Getting Grants

unique funding sources

Business One Page Plan

crystal-clear, plain English plan

Reducing Your Tax

Tax Strategies

planning for the future

High value investments*

advising you for the greatest return

Strategic management accounts

what’s coming and how to address it

Tax Avoidance

avoid paying higher rate tax

Protecting Your Wealth

Personal tax planning

minimise personal tax liability

Investment management

large or diverse investment portfolio?

Growth Consultancy

ongoing asset value

Retirement planning*

exit and succession planning

* This aspect of our advice is provided by our sister company ad+ Financial

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These business tips identify a few simple things you can do to make your life, and your business, better. Thoughts on marketing, and grants, and taxes, and employees ….you get the idea.

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    What Our Clients Say

    The service from ad+, over the years I’ve been with you, has been excellent. There has never been a delay in anything being attended to. I can safely leave my accounts in ad+’ hands and concentrate on running my business. All the ad+ staff, from reception to the tax department, are excellent. I couldn’t recommend my ad+ Account Manager enough, not just for my accounts, but for advice on all aspects of my business.

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