How can your business Bounce Back?

How can your business Bounce Back?

An increasing number of local business owners are concerned about future viability of their business.

Unfortunately, several have decided that they can’t see a way to keep trading and are preparing to wind down, or at least contract significantly.

This latest lockdown has hit certain sectors hard – not just those within hospitality and general retail. Perhaps it was “the final straw” after such a tough year.

That trading crunch is in such stark contrast to other sectors which continue to boom because of the uneven way the restrictions have lifted some while sinking others.

Amongst the Covid-19 business turmoil there have been many remarkable examples of adapting and thriving.

For many businesses that are trading in the middle ground – affected but not flattened – this is the time to take stock once again and refresh your “Bounce Back Trading Plan”. Use the Covid-19 successes as inspiration and clues for inclusion in your Bounce Back Trading Plan.

As always, cash, profit, and funding are the bedrock of every business initiative. ad+ Chartered Accountants can help you to prepare solid financial projections to support your Bounce Back Trading Plan.

If you need to help, simply get in touch for a chat. You can schedule an online meeting or phone call. There’s no cost and no obligation to our initial discovery chat.


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