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Who else wants to transform business results?


You know you have created a good business plan, but the results are disappointing. Sure, the team has made some progress, but just not enough. It’s frustrating trying to get your plan implemented.

Why does this happen?

What could you do to increase your chance of success?

It’s sobering to recall that we all have the same 24 hours per day, but some […]

Increase of automatic enrolment contributions

Many employees and employers need to prepare for a significant increase the cost of automatic enrolment minimum pension contributions. For example, based upon the Average Weekly Earnings, seasonally adjusted, for a private sector worker (£503 pw as of July 2017), the employee’s minimum monthly contribution will increase by £33.80 per month, and the minimum employer’s increase will be £16.90 per […]

HMRC make it more difficult to reimburse personal expenses to drivers

The RHA recently commented on the difficulties it faced when negotiating with HMRC over the random checking process now required in support of tax-free payments made to drivers to cover personal expenses incurred for overnight stays. The payment is designed to cover basic expenses during an overnight stay, such as evening meal, breakfast, washing facilities and upkeep of bedding in […]

Surprise employees with tax-efficient benefits

It’s very hard to find and keep good employees. Therefore, you might be looking for ways to surprise your team.

Luckily, two planning opportunities are currently available to surprise your team in a tax-efficient manner.

Tax exemption for trivial benefits in kind

Most employees would be pleasantly surprised to receive a bottle of wine, tickets to a football match or the cinema, or […]

Sacrifice for the greater good

Pensions auto-enrolment is one of the most important developments for employers currently coming into effect. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees must implement the process from 1 June 2015. As a consequence, employers will be looking to maximise tax reliefs, while employees will also seek to join the scheme in the most cost-efficient manner possible. A salary sacrifice arrangement will […]

RTI relaxation extended

HMRC has announced that it will exempt employers with fewer than 50 staff from Real Time Information (RTI) late filing penalties until 6 March 2015. Until that date, they will be allowed to submit PAYE information monthly.

RTI requires employers to provide information about tax and National Insurance deductions every time they pay an employee rather than annually. The original deadline […]

Hiring the best talent for your business

When it comes to hiring top talent, smaller businesses can’t usually compete with the major corporations on things like salary and benefits – and with the economy on the upturn, potential employees can increasingly afford to hold out for the best jobs. So how can you make sure that you’re able to find and attract the best recruits? Here are […]

HMRC announces details of NI break

The 2014 Budget included a new NI break for employers with young workers.  What steps are needed for your company to take advantage of it?

Budget Recap. Among several measures intended to encourage companies to take on young workers, the chancellor announced that employers’ NI contributions would be scrapped for certain employees, but not until April 2015.  With that date on […]

Extension of flexible working rights – key points for employers

Since 30 June 2014 all employees have been able to request flexible working hours, and according to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, some 20 million people now have the right to ask to work flexibly.

The new rules extend to all employees the same rights previously reserved for carers and those looking after children. Here are the key points:
Making […]

More trade suppliers ask for personal guarantees

Although personal guarantees are a requirement in some instances, particularly within the construction sector, we have recently become aware that more trade suppliers than ever are insisting on personal guarantees.

In some instances the personal guarantee has been incorporated within the supplier’s Terms & Conditions. It is easy for this condition to slip through. How many people take the time to […]

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For me the greatest asset of ad+ Chartered Accountants is their turnaround time. We are having a meeting 3 weeks after our end of year. During that meeting we finalise Regis financial accounts, look at tax efficient strategies, and review business progress as a whole. These discussions take place right when it is needed – shortly after the year-end, when the trading is fresh in mind. As a business owner this prompt review and advice is invaluable.
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