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Can you claim tax relief on refurbishment costs

…and how can you ensure your business survives?

Many Scottish business owners are considering refurbishing their premises, and so the ad+ tax team is often asked for advice on what expenditure will be eligible for tax relief?

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ad+ has helped many business owners with all aspects of tax relief claims. Refurbishments can disrupt normal working arrangements within your business, […]

Self Employment: What Expenses are Tax Deductible?

If you’re self-employed, you probably know that you can claim legitimate business expenses and set them against your tax bill – but not all expenses qualify so it’s important to make sure your claim is valid. At ad+ we can help.

For example, unless something that you buy for your business is a capital asset, a computer or machinery (which you […]

Sacrifice for the greater good

Pensions auto-enrolment is one of the most important developments for employers currently coming into effect. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees must implement the process from 1 June 2015. As a consequence, employers will be looking to maximise tax reliefs, while employees will also seek to join the scheme in the most cost-efficient manner possible. A salary sacrifice arrangement will […]

Loans or equity – choosing your business finance

It is important to be aware of the alternative means of finance while your business is in a healthy position. Leave it too late, when there are doubts the funds can be returned to the shareholder, and issues may arise with tax relief for the loss of funds.

If you run a family business, a shareholder will not always consider the […]

Impending new lifetime allowance limit changes

If you are making high levels of pension contributions you will need to obtain professional financial advice to make sure that you know whether you will be affected by the impending new lifetime allowance (LTA) limit changes. Thousands of pension savers could be impacted by the forthcoming changes unless they act swiftly.
Your total pension savings
You should check what the value […]