Financial Tip

I want to be a millionaire

What’s your burning ambition?
“I want to be a millionaire in 5 years.”
Fine. We can help you.

“I make good money, but I don’t control it.”

Fine. We’ll help you control money and accumulate wealth.

Let’s start by looking at your business results and your personal spending.

Next, we’ll prepare a business and cash management plan to show you the results your business must deliver. […]

  • Budget tax relief

New 130% ‘super deduction’ for investment into plant and machinery

The new 130% ‘super deduction’ for investment into plant and machinery could be very useful, but there are important points contained within the “small print” that require careful planning.

The following example, which has been prepared by HMRC, clearly shows the possible appeal of the new tax allowance.
A company spends £10m on qualifying assets.
[i] Under the previous system, the possible tax […]

  • ad+ CIS expert advice

Make sure you don’t lose CIS Gross Status

Should you continue making money from construction, or become a tax expert?
If your business has CIS Gross Status, always remember that you must adhere to strict HMRC rules and deadlines, or that privilege could be removed.

It will hurt your cash-flow if you lose CIS Gross Status because it will cause an immediate drop in income received by your business.

Unfortunately, it is […]

  • ad+ saved £4,000 for local business

NIC saving for local businesses

Who would like £4,000?
It’s a “gift” from HMRC.
No there’s no catch and it’s not a trick.

Employment Allowance is a way for eligible employers to pay less Class 1 NI contributions.

When businesses appoint ad+ Chartered Accountants we often find that this allowance has not been claimed. We quickly correct that oversight, and the company is £4,000 better off.

This initiative is typical […]

  • ad+ Director Income Planning

How much money would you like to take home?

Would you prefer to take home £36k or £47k?

£50,000 gross is a common amount for local company owners based in Scotland, especially around Glasgow and Lanarkshire.
Many take home only £36k.
ad+ clients take home £47k.
Same gross amount, but £11k more in your pocket. Which would you prefer?

OK . . . that package might not suit you – don’t worry – our Tax […]

  • ad+ advice on Bounce Back Plan

How can your business Bounce Back?

An increasing number of local business owners are concerned about future viability of their business.

Unfortunately, several have decided that they can’t see a way to keep trading and are preparing to wind down, or at least contract significantly.

This latest lockdown has hit certain sectors hard – not just those within hospitality and general retail. Perhaps it was “the final straw” […]

UK Budget 2021: key business points.

We appreciate that business owners are short of time and want technical advice tailored to their needs, and so we invite you to get in touch to discuss how the Budget changes might affect you and your business.

In the meantime here is a brief summary of the business proposals.
1. Employers will welcome the extension Furlough for a further five months, […]

The next three months could be critical

Survival of your business may depend upon the decisions you make during the next three months. We want to do all that we can to ensure your business does survive, and wherever possibly does thrive.

The reason for this stark warning is that a number of factors will occur during the next three months that will damage many businesses directly or […]

Streamline your entire “paperwork” trail

At last, you really can ……

streamline your entire “paperwork” trail from booking an enquiry to analysing your final accounts.

Several ad+ clients within the construction sector now use an App which controls quotes, jobs, labour, parts, evidence, and invoicing. We then integrate that App with Xero and several other software tools which automate most of the stages of bookkeeping, including […]

Financial support for employees

The “Job Support Scheme” has been postponed, and the “Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme” has been extended until 31st March 2021.

The extension of this furlough scheme will apply for claims between 1st November 2020 and 31st March 2021.

During the period 1st November to 31st January furloughed employees will receive 80% of their usual salary for the hours not worked. Maximum grant […]