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How much money would you like to take home?

Would you prefer to take home £36k or £47k?

£50,000 gross is a common amount for local company owners based in Scotland, especially around Glasgow and Lanarkshire.
Many take home only £36k.
ad+ clients take home £47k.
Same gross amount, but £11k more in your pocket. Which would you prefer?

OK . . . that package might not suit you – don’t worry – our Tax […]

Your key tax dates

31 January 2015Tax returns – don’t leave it too late!
The deadline for filing your 2014 self assessment tax return online is 31 January 2015. Returns not filed by this date will result in a £100 penalty. Where the return has still not been submitted after three months, daily penalties of £10 will accrue, continuing […]

Extracting profit – and saving tax

While there are numerous ways of extracting profit from your company, each option has its own implications in terms of the amount of tax you pay, as well as for the company itself.  Here are some key planning strategies for extracting profit and saving tax.

Note that corporation tax is the tax due on a company’s profits, while personal income tax […]