BREXIT: check what you must do before 1st January

Time really is running out for post-Brexit preparations.

The Government is operating a very useful checklist facility via the following web site. This will help you to identify how this major change will affect your business as of 1st January 2021.

To receive a personalised list of actions, visit the Government Brexit Transition web site:-


VAT reverse charge for building and construction services

From the 1stMarch 2021, the new “VAT reverse charge for building and construction services” system will become effective.

Although this VAT change has been spoken about previously, it is important to appreciate that it will require bookkeeping/invoicing changes and staff training. The new system will also impact cash-flow, and it may result in your business switching to monthly VAT returns. ad+ […]

Financial support for Scottish business: Strategic Framework Business Fund

From 2nd November, a Scottish business that has been required to close by law or to significantly change its operations due to COVID-19 restrictions, may be eligible to apply for this grant.

The value of the grant is comparatively small and dependent upon whether the business has been forced to close or restrict trading.

[A] If your business is required to close […]

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Accountancy and tax advice for property investors

Property and Wealth
Owning a property portfolio is an aim of many people. Whether the portfolio runs alongside a trading business or becomes the main focus, the appeal is to accumulate a capital asset which can produce a stream of income.

Because ad+ has so many clients who own property investments, this is a topic in which we have a special interest.

We […]

  • ad+ can help to create a financial recovery plan for your business.

Your business recovery plan – repay loans

Does your financial recovery plan include repayment of loans etc?
It’s time to have another look at your business recovery plan. This time we are going to focus on repaying loans or liabilities deferred.

Let’s start by looking at the main financial provisions that have been put in place during this crisis. You need to identify which ones require to be repaid, […]

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 Financial help for liquidity support for SME housebuilders

Scotland: Financial help for liquidity support for SME housebuilders
An emergency loan fund has been announced which will help housebuilders with liquidity.

Who can apply?
SME housebuilders who can demonstrate that:

They are an existing business in Scotland which has been directly affected by COVID-19
Their turnover is less than £45 million and they are building five or more homes per annum
Their business […]

Effective solutions to reduce Inheritance Tax

It’s likely that over the course of your life, you will have built up money and assets that you will want to leave to your loved ones.

Unfortunately, some of that money and assets could be lost to inheritance tax.

To prevent that, sensible wealth preservation arrangements can help reduce that tax liability and ensure your family benefits from what you have […]

New ISA rules help you accumulate tax-efficient wealth

You can accumulate substantial amounts a personal capital in a tax-efficient way via an Individual Savings Account (ISA).
From 1st July, ISAs will become even more attractive and more flexible:-

All existing ISAs will become a simpler product called the New ISA (NISA).
Your NISA annual investment limit will be increased to £15,000.
You will be able to transfer your investments from a stocks […]

Will you enjoy your retirement?

How to improve your golden years no matter what your current stage of life
Retirement may seem a long way off for you at the moment but that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. Consider our tips, which could help you increase your retirement income – no matter what your current stage of life – and pursue the retirement you […]