Team Profiles

  • Michael Donnelly Managing Director

    What I enjoy most is interacting with clients to assist them in achieving their goals. What I think AD+ does best is providing more than a typical compliance based service we want to make a real difference to your results.  Our focus is always on what your goals are our services are tailored to optimise the chance of achieving those goals.

  • Matt Donnelly Founder

    Matt Donnelly founded ad+ with a clear vision to make a difference to the life of business owners, and to do so in a principled manner. ad+ was designed to make a positive contribution to the management and financial results of client businesses, not to simply produce accounts and tax returns. Common sense and intrinsic honesty has always been the hallmark of every ad+ communication.

  • David Charles Marketing Manager

    I really enjoy helping ambitious entrepreneurs achieve their business and personal goals. I have now 30 years business experience, including 25 years hands-on practical experience running my own business. AD+ is an ambitious company, and so we relate exceptionally well to ambitious entrepreneurs.

  • Colin Lumsden Director of Commercial Operations

    My primary role is that of client relationship – helping business owners with annual accounts and management accounts, as well as business coaching and strategy work (which is the part I enjoy the most).  It’s great when business owners address profit maximisation, and their business and their life improves because of it.

  • Fiona Struthers Chartered Accountant, Technical Manager

    It would be hard to fit all that I do within one job title, but I manage the service to our audit and our charity clients, review the work carried out by the production team, deal with the firm’s compliance with external regulation and ensure our accounting service is technically accurate.

  • Karen Laverty Payroll Manager

    Payroll, HR and tax are my primary responsibilities, and this involves a good deal of prioritising, organising, and planning. I really enjoy the problem solving element of my work. I came to AD+ with over ten years of payroll experience, and 4 years HR experience so I’m familiar with most payroll & HR issues! I think as a firm we’re best at teamwork.

  • Frances Burns PA to MD & IT Administrator

    I’ve been working with AD+ for the past 23 years, and love working here! I enjoy keeping busy, having done a variety of different types of tax and administrative work during my time here.  I think what we do best is providing accountancy, taxation, and payroll services to our clients in a friendly and efficient manner.

  • Tracey Menzies PA to M. Donnelly, Sales & Marketing Administrator

    I’m Matt’s personal assistant, and I’d say that job title reflects me perfectly!  Matt’s diary is incredibly busy, so I manage that, speak to clients regularly, and also help with the marketing for the firm. I really enjoy speaking to our clients, and helping keep Matt’s diary – and the firm’s activities – organised.

  • Lauren McGhee Administration Assistant

    I’m primarily responsible for tax and administrative tasks, and really love working here at AD+.  I came to this firm straight from school, and have been here five years.  I really enjoy helping the accounts and finance departments, and am always keen to learn more!

  • Martyn Nicol Accountant

    I am responsible for the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual management accounts, as well as the calculation of tax, and VAT, Audit of Financial Statements and the preparation of cash flows and projections. I also help a number of clients with their bookkeeping, and provide training on SAGE and Xero bookkeeping systems. I enjoy working at ad+, and have found that we all work quickly, efficiently and effectively together as a team.

  • Jacob Aitchison Trainee Accountant

    I have recently joined ad+ to begin my accounting career by starting my CA qualification. I plan to learn and develop my accounting skills throughout the process with the help and support of the team at ad+.

    I look forward to building a relationship with many clients and aim to support them to ensure that their needs from the company are satisfied.

  • Stuart Miller Accountant

    My aim is always to provide advice, and prepare reports, which help client’s make more informed decisions about their business. I enjoy working with people to solve problems and meet targets, and it’s very personally satisfying to work closely with new businesses as they grow and achieve their goals.

  • Sophie Morrison Trainee Accountant

    My role at AD+ is to provide client’s with any assistance they may require. That could involve the preparation of management accounts, annual accounts, quarterly VAT returns and bookkeeping. I also help client’s maintaining their bookkeeping software and provide training on our preferred software Xero. I enjoy working at AD+ and building relationships with client’s and seeing their business grow.

  • Qasim Sheikh Business Development

    My role at AD+ is to source and help new clients with all their accountancy and tax needs. I take great pride in providing prospects and new clients with a fantastic service and to insure they get the best value from our services. What I love most about working at AD+ is how much they care for their clients, and it really is true I get to see it first hand every single day.

  • Maria McDermott Receptionist

    I am a recent addition to the team here at AD+ but I do come with 40 years experience in various client focussed roles and have a genuine enthusiasm for helping people. My colleagues at ad+ are passionate about delivering an exceptional service to their clients and I am very happy to now be playing my own part in that too.