Understanding Finance for the Business Owner

Understanding Finance For the Business Owner

AD+ help business owners to make better decisions by understanding the essential aspects of accounts and finance.

We will introduce you to the fundamental accounting documents and their value to you as the business owner.

  • Balance Sheet.
  • P&L Account.
  • Cash flow statements.
  • Debtors & creditors reports.
  • Statutory accounts, HMRC tax accounts, and internal management accounts.
  • Learn how to make better decisions by understanding your accounts.

  • How profit is created or destroyed within your business.
  • How cash is generated or consumed within your business.
  • Why cookie jars are essential to a stable small business.
  • Why your taxable profit is different from your pre-tax profit.
  • How you can tell whether an investment will be worthwhile.
  • See where to focus improvement efforts by benchmarking your business against your competitors.
  • Learn how a business is valued.
  • Learn what is the right level of borrowing for your business.
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