What’s the MEANING behind The Numbers?

What’s the MEANING behind The Numbers?

The meaning behind The Numbers strips bare the facts on implementation within your business.

Your profit number is the result of the activity behind that number. If you want to improve the profit number, look closely at all the activities that impact on sales, margins, overheads.

Successful business owners are passionate about “The Numbers”. But, the funny thing about the numbers is that they must be accurate and up-to-date, otherwise they are of no value.

To get accurate and up-to-date Numbers you will probably need to improve the design of your internal systems and introduce automation wherever possible. ad+ can help by either taking over production of the bookkeeping and management accounts, or by installing Xero and a few Apps. Don’t worry about the technical stuff – we can complete the installation, and then give your team comprehensive one-to-one training. All sorts of businesses can benefit: we have helped engineers, plumbers, architects, electricians, estate agents, e-commerce traders, and car dealers.

Although ad+ is based in Cambuslang, on the Glasgow – Lanarkshire border, distance is no object because most of our software applications and communication tools are cloud-based. We regularly hold client meetings via Skype and WhatsApp, in addition to the usual email, text, phone, and extensive messaging via social media platforms (especially Facebook and LinkedIn). Our bookkeeping and accounting software is all cloud-based. Both you and ad+ can work on your business accounts data anywhere anytime, provided there is an internet connection.

Get in touch with David Charles to arrange your initial discussion with one of our Chartered Accountants to learn how we could help you design and implement bookkeeping systems to give you accurate data upon which you can build your management information system.

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