The value of effective digital marketing for your business

The value of effective digital marketing for your business

Every business needs to win new customers.  That has remained consistent throughout the years.  But in recent years, the thinking on how best to achieve this has changed considerably.

Although most businesses have a website and social media pages, the online competition has intensified. It is not enough to just have an online presence: you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, an effective digital marketing strategy is essential.  And at ad+, we are aware of how this strategy can affect your business and your profits.

Your potential customers are more savvy

Your potential customers can now easily access good information and customer reviews about any company. Many of your potential customers already have information and are well on the way to making their decision before they ever see a sales person.

Therefore it is critical that your online presence makes potential customers find you early in their search, and more importantly, that they like what they see.

Good use of social media and blogs allow topical information to be presented in a flexible way. New content can always be added, keeping it fresh and up to date.

Keep it Fresh

Fresh advice is now available from one of our long-standing clients, Newton PR, via the firm’s new REACH newsletter.

Ken Newton, the principal, has many years of experience within public relations and content marketing serving business-to-business sectors.

 He describes the five key points which make up the REACH strategy:

  • Radical mission: Work out where you want to be, and who you want to be doing business with. Know what your compelling offer is to your desired customers. 
  • Engagement plan: Decide how you will engage with potential customers, and where. This could for instance be via Twitter, or on your website, or via video. 
  • Action: Make sure that what you have planned actually happens. The best planned blog or social media post is ineffective if it never gets online! 
  • Capture: Decide how you will measure success, and how you will record key metrics. Make sure you are checking what is working and what is not. 
  • Hone: Use the information you have captured to make your marketing the best it can be.

If you follow these five points you will know what you are trying to achieve, and be able to measure how successful you are. You will be in a good position to target your marketing, and be the company that customers will come to because of what they have seen.

ad+ is a long established, well respected firm, dedicated to helping Scottish business owners to prosper, and we are certain that Newton PR can contribute to your digital marketing strategy.

Download a free copy of the Newton PR REACH newsletter to read more excellent marketing advice.

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