31 January 2016 is the deadline for submitting your personal tax return. Failure to submit the return prior to this date will result in an automatic £100 penalty being applied.

Late payment and interest charges will also be imposed on any tax liabilities paid late. ad+ must receive all the information required to complete your tax return no later than the […]

Tax Return Deadline

HMRC have been reminding everyone through radio, TV and the newspapers that the filing deadline for 2012/13 tax returns is 31st January 2014.

If your tax return is not received and accepted by HMRC prior to this date then a penalty of £100 will be charged even if there is no tax to pay. Any tax liabilities must also be paid […]

66 Days to the Tax Return Submission Deadline!

Has your 2012/13 tax return been completed and submitted to H M Revenue & Customs?

The deadline for online tax return submission for this year is 31 January 2014.? This is also the due date for any balancing payment of tax due for the year 2012/13 and the 1st Payment on Account towards 2013/14.
Do you know how much you have to […]